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Photographers & Ambassadors & Content Creators:

Thank you guys for all of your support and the amazing pictures you took!

Sarah Forrest @sarforre / www.forrestcollective.com

Caleb Swanson @calebswanson www.honestimageproductions.com

Oliver Schlichtherle www.phos-photography.ch

Mariell Vikkisk www.mariellvikkisk.com

Brianna Faith www.fromabovephotography.net


Cool Projects:


A nature school founded by Markus Vogel. These courses teach you about wilderness, animals, birds and how to survive out there. It is the "knowledge of the earth" that he wants to preserve and pass on to the generations to come.  

In nature, we learn from our own experiences and the more we pay attention, the deeper we experience ourselves and our environment. So we train our perception and learn skills and techniques of life and survival in nature.


High quality, extremely tasty, always seasonal and comes from the region - these boys know how to make good homemade ravioli and they also make the dining experience by them memorable and fun. Whenever you happen to be in Switzerland- Luzern, Stans or Sarnen; Make sure to pay them a visit! 


Reelika writes a blog! This is where she shares stories, thoughts, ideas and photography about life and whatever makes her happy and inspires her to grow, learn and feel.