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Why We Ship it Free. To every corner of the world.

Hey guys!

The other day I had an inspiring conversation with my best friend. The topic was about hand made items vs mass production and the true value behind supporting a small company that makes everything themselves from ground up. This itself is a long conversation but just to explain where are we coming from.

I have been a huge handmade items and small business fan for a long time. I love the fact that I get to know the people behind the product. Usually it allows direct communication between the customer and the maker. 

I am not perfect but I am doing my best to avoid massive corporate companies, who use cheap labor and automated assembly line to produce their products. Usually we have no real picture of who made it or where did this really come from. And I believe that energy is everything. 

As a creative and as a brand owner I know how much this means when people love our products and when they appreciate the creativity and passion behind it. Thank you to all the people who have supported our small brand so far. We cannot be more grateful for you. 

The problem, however, when discovering a brand oversees, is the cost of the shipping. Wanting to purchase a product and at checkout I find out that this will cost me almost double the amount because of the shipping and the tax added to the cost.

This is a huge bummer. Just because I live on another continent I am not going to be able to afford these things. The same thing just happened to me lately. This made me think...

To avoid this disappointment, we, here at Loops and Beads have decided to offer a FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING all over the world. We would love to have customers from every corner of the world without them needing to worry about the cost of the shipping. How wonderful surprise it is at checkout when you see you have nothing more added to the total cost only the beautiful hand made item you would love to have. 

I totally understand, that this is not an option for lot of the companies out there, whose products are bigger and heavier etc. but as we do have small products and the shipping costs are not so high, we are happy to give this gift to our customers all over the world. 

Estimated Shipping Times to just some parts of the world

USA/Canada 5-7 (business days)

Australia 5-6 (business days)

Europe 2-5 (business days)

Indonesia 5-9 (business days)

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