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We want you to meet Brianna Faith

Collaborating with awesome, talented and passionate people is really a treat. We are so happy to have this beautiful beach babe representing our brand on the shores of Cali. 

We fell in love with her work the moment we opened up her page. Go and check her out, make sure to send some love her way too, she absolutely deserves it. 

IG: @fromabovephotog /Personal: @breeeze_xo


Hey there!!

My name is Bree and I am Brand/Lifestyle photographer based out of Southern California! I am an ocean obsessed beach babe and love spending all of my free time on the sandy shores. 

I found Loops and Beads on Instagram while I was first getting into collaborating with brands. I remember the first thing I fell in love with about Loops and Beads was how they hand made each piece... that takes a lot of patience and dedication. Not only does it say that they care for their product, but that their heart and soul is on this as well. 

Since I reached out, I've been given the privilege of collaborating with several brands. Learning how to work with different companies, and their founders has been an amazing journey. It has brought me to my love and passion for brand photography. I owe some of this discovery to Loops And Beads. Without their open hearts to let a young creative like me collaborate with them, I probably wouldn't be here

Xoxo Bree

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Comment below! What are you the most passionate about in life that you would love to pursue as a career one day / or you already are?


  • as I am quite obsessed with sound and music then I am constantly looking for a sign or opportunity to present itself for me to dive in this career sea.

  • I love learning new languages because it opens up doors to new cultures and people that I might not otherwise have come across. Travel is also a big part of my life that goes hand in hand with languages, so my main aim in life is to do something for good with my skills. Perhaps a mission trip or charity aid, who knows! I’m excited to get out, explore and be an active citizen.

  • i also love photography!! i love taking pictures with my friends and cool shots of nature.

  • Hi! I love sea too, but most of all I love art, nature and psychology! One day I hope to be a psychologist and work with children!

  • I really love photography and would really like to learn more about it and continue in the future!


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