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@sarforre Journey Stack - 50% donated to help raise money for her Impact Trip

Hey guys!

This time we have some really exciting news!

We are collaborating with this extremely talented photographer Sarah Forrest. 

Very recently she made a life changing decision and quit her job to become a freelancer and a traveling photographer. Since then she has been planning this big journey. Meet Sarah ⇣

Hi, I'm Sarah or @sarforre if you follow me on social media! 

I started taking photos about two years ago, mostly outdoors/ adventure lifestyle photos as that is kind of my niche, if you will!

I have a deep affinity for nature and inspiring people to follow their dreams, no matter how difficult it may seem. We are our happiest selves when our inward and outward energy is invested in our desires. 

So that brings me to my Impact Trip, I will be traveling to all 7 continents in 6 months! The mission? Impact the world in whatever way possible.. 

I will be working with refugee camps, speaking at youth conferences, leading travel expeditions in Australia and more! The world is a grand place and I am determined to know it one impact trip at a time!! 

So please follow along! 

We have put together a stack for all of you guys out there who feel they would love to be a part of that amazing project as we will be donating 50% of the sales of 

to help her raise money for this impactful project. 

Follow her stories: 

Instagram @sarforre

Website www.forrestcollective.com


 Sharing some of her beautiful shots. 





  • Good lucky and have fun :)
    Your photos are soo amazing.

  • good luck!! you’ll kill it. globetrotter♥️

    macy macchi
  • You are amazing!! 7 continents in 6 months is an incredible experience and journey to take with plenty of memoties. I am sure you will take plenty of amazing photos. I am sure everyone you encounter along the way will be greatly inspired by you and you will leave them with a positive vibe. Keep up the excellent work and it’s also awesome that loopsandbeads have helped you a lot as well. Wishing you a very safe and happy journey.

  • your pictures are so cool!! hope your 6 month journey is the best as can be:))

  • Soooo excited for this!!!


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