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Caleb Swanson - talented young photographer

We, over at Loops and Beads, are firm believers in collaborations and working with other creative minds to grow and learn together. We believe that "your vibe really does attract your tribe" and once again we have found someone we would like You to meet. 

So incredibly happy to introduce you Caleb Swanson. He is a young photographer and filmmaker whose beautiful nature photography caught our attention from the very first sight. 

"Hey guys! This is Caleb Swanson, @calebdswanson on Instagram.

I am a 17 year old photographer/filmmaker living in the wooded hills of western Kentucky.

I started out in my photography interest in 2012 when I discovered the amazing world of macro photography. I learned almost everything I know about photography through watching hours upon hours of Youtube videos and through personal experience. Once I joined Instagram around two years ago and then departed on my first ever cross-country roadtrip, my dreams shifted and my focus for photography broadened to shooting in and around nature in general.

Something that is really important to me is spreading God’s love and His Message to everyone through my journey. One reason I am so passionate about nature is because God created it for us to take care of and enjoy, and I am so thankful for that and His love for us. This love and care for us inspires me every day to be always kind and loving towards others, and to give hope to others through my work.

As to my future and my photography goes, I have very big dreams of travelling the world, and living in the Pacific NorthWest, capturing moments in the beautiful world that’s around me alongside other passionate creatives. I also dream of becoming an educational and inspiring Youtuber like Peter McKinnon, and sharing tips and tricks for photographers and filmmakers.

Through photographers and videographers on Instagram is where most of my inspiration, and I just love how Instagram as a community works. It is like a family of creators, influencers, and businesses working together, constantly inspiring one another, and motivating people to take part in wondrous things. As someone who is just starting in working my up to being a brand representative, it surprised me how easy it was to get connected with online brands that are authentic and noteworthy.

I am so appreciative and thankful for Reelika and Matthias at Loops and Beads for being supportive of my work and giving me the opportunity to partner with them. I am so excited to see where this adventure takes us!"




  • Hey great blog post, love the photos and the bracelets are really unique – I’d really love one haha they would make fab friendship bracelets tooo :) My instagram is @wonderifim.alice thanks for the opportunity

  • Hey this is @margaretortega on instagram! Absolutely love your work :) it’s inspired

  • This is @lydyeah on Instagram! Love the blog post- excited about the giveaway! ?

    Lydia Heydlauff
  • hope you have a blessed journey!

  • Amazing to hear how God’s beautiful creation inspired you to get into photography, i had a very similar journey too. All the best and happy Easter! @come.outside @rachweller99


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